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  • 13th March
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This past week has been pretty crazy for me. On Friday I was on the front page of my local paper, the Lynn News. I wasn’t expecting to be on the front page at all so it was a bit of a surprise. The next day I saw myself on the Mail Online which was bizarre as didn’t expect a national paper to write about my story when I hadn’t even spoken to them. I then had a call to say I was on page 8 of the Telegraph (not pictured)! Yet again another shock! The 2 national papers seemed to focus on the Ekso Exoskeleton saying that they’re my new bionic legs…which they are not. I was lucky enough to wear the amazing piece of equipment at one of my physio sessions. I do not own an Ekso Exoskeleton - they cost £100,000!!! Although I would love one. I am proud of myself for taking 645 steps in the exo so that is fab but many people have used this piece of equipment all over the world so unsure why that would be the main focus of their news stories. 

On Monday I was in the Eastern Daily Press which actually informed the reader about the real reason why I should be in the paper, my road safety campaign and encouraging positivity. I am in the process of doing a project with Fixers (www.fixers.org.uk) regarding this topic. Therefore, to bring awareness to my project I was filmed talking about my car accident and what I hope to achieve with Fixers. I conducted a focus group with teenagers ranging from 13-19 years old which has inspired me to talk to more young people. This 3 minute segment was shown on last night’s ITV news.

I’m not 100% sure what my project is going to involve yet but watch this space. My main goal is to save lives and to make people realise life is amazing and we all deserve the best. Aim high & follow your heart.


Click on the above link to see my Fixers film which was shown on last nights ITV news.

I was also interviewed by BBC Radio Norfolk. Click the above link & skip to 1hr 53mins. 


Jordan x

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